Highlights of ISSOTL12?

What was one of the most memorable sessions, plenaries, posters, or conversations you experienced at ISSOTL12?  What made it so fabulous?  (To reply to this post or read others’ replies, click on the title above, and then write in the “Leave a reply” box.)


2 thoughts on “Highlights of ISSOTL12?

  1. I’m waiting for my shuttle and have a few minutes, so I’ll answer. I just left the Saturday morning session on Reading Across the Disciplines, organized by Karen Manarin. Margy MacMillan (Mt. Royal U) and Sherry Linkon (Georgetown U) discussed their projects dealing with student reading of scholarly articles, and both the usefulness and broader implications of their presentations/conversation were ones I’ll take home with me.

    More broadly and as something to think about, I appreciated the emphasis on the fact that we all teach reading, in all disciplines, even if we’re unaware of it or don’t call it “reading.” I appreciated Karen and Margy’s questions to ponder: “When is it appropriate to ask students to read scholarly articles in the discipline? How can we expect students to use them in each progressive year of study? Why are we requiring students to use them? What do we mean when we say to students, ‘Read this’?”

    Concretely and most immediately useful, I appreciated Sherry’s “text analysis rubric” or tool for helping students across the discipline to read effectively. (The tool is available in a recent issue of _Labor Studies_.) I will use it in my class and share it in colleagues on my campus.

  2. I really enjoyed ISSOTL 2012–in part because a lot of effort had been put into grouping the submissions by theme. So I saw some great session on arts and humanities topics, including Belanger and Houston “The Undergraduate Research Paper” looking at History assignments and Hardie and Grove-White “Designs on Learning” looking at a student-driven research symposium for design students. I also really appreciated the editors on Humanist SoTL panel.

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