Notes from Our Meeting @ ISSOTL12

Hi, all.  Here are some brief notes from the meeting at the conference.

  • Nancy Chick invited folks to submit to Teaching and Learning Inquiry, ISSOTL’s journal.  It’s friendly to the humanities and the arts.  (Nancy co-edits with Gary Poole.)
  • Nancy Chick, Sherry Linkon, Pat Michaelson, and Karen Manarin encouraged other IG members to contribute to the IG’s Annotated Bibliography, an ongoing project of the IG.  The day after the IG meeting, Nancy, Sherry, Pat, and David Pace (Karen was booked in another session) presented the start of the Annotated Bibliography in a panel.
  • Sherry Linkon shared a call for papers for the book she and Stephen Bloch-Schulman are co-editing.  The book is called Interpreting Student Learning: The SoTL in the Arts & Humanities.  The deadline for proposals is Dec 15, 2012.
  • Sherry also encouraged IG members to attend and apply to the IISSAM conference on storytelling, May 30-June 2, 2012, in Los Angeles, CA (USA).
  • Members present encouraged the IG to expand its name from “the Humanities Interest Group” to “the Arts & Humanities Interest Group.”  All were agreeable to including artists, so the name is unofficially changed–and abbreviated for convenience as AHIG.  (Nancy has submitted a request to the ISSOTL committee in charge of IGs to approve of this change.)
  • Members recommended that Libby Hogan (ISSOTL Membership Liaison) send an email to ISSOTL members twice a year about the IGs (Libby has agreed.)
  • Sherry Linkon has volunteered to look through the ISSOTL13 Program and contact all apparent (arts and?) humanities presenters to invite them to the meeting and list their sessions in a handout.
  • Members recommended an option be added to ISSOTL membership signup to list interests…which would be the IGs.  Chairs of the IGs could then be notified of folks with these interests. (Nancy followed up, and this option isn’t possible currently under JSTOR’s membership form/template/abilities.)
  • Members requested that the former IG website be migrated to WordPress to allow for greater interaction.  (Nancy did so, and you’re looking at it!)
  • There was discussion of artistic and visual pieces in Teaching and Learning Inquiry focused on the hopes that they will be in color–at least in the online version.  Nancy will follow up.
  • Deb Currier (Theatre) requested a panel at ISSOTL13 for “nontraditional panels & presentations.”  Great idea, Deb!  We’ll help you get that call out there!  Sherry Linkon recommended (for someone else to organize) a panel at ISSOTL13 about the SoTL-relevant similarities & differences in the arts & humanities.  Another great idea, Sherry!   Nancy & Phillip Motley will issue that call. (Now we’re just waiting for the conference CFP, which will be posted on Dec 1.)

Thank you for a lively and idea-filled discussion, everyone!

~ Nancy Chick


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