Call for Participation

At last year’s meeting of the ISSoTL Arts and Humanities Interest Group, during the annual conference in Hamilton, ONT, we briefly discussed the idea of having a panel at the following year’s conference on the similarities and differences between the two main disciplinary areas that our group represents: the Arts and the Humanities. This is a call for participation on this panel.

The proposed idea is to have a couple of folks from the arts and a couple from the humanities on a panel in which we can discuss common ground and relevant differences in our respective areas of study, teaching and scholarship as they relate to SoTL. I’ve asked Nancy Chick if she would be our moderator and happily she’s agreed to do so. I would be interested in representing the side of the arts, especially from the visual, and particularly the digital perspective. Perhaps there’s somebody from one of the many fine arts disciplines that would join me? Then, of course, we’ll need a couple of you humanists to join in! Who’s game?

Interested parties: please send a short paragraph on what your ideas are for a panel like this and how you see your views fitting into a larger conversation about the Arts and the Humanities and, of course, SoTL!

Proposals are due to ISSoTL on March 18. Please send your indication of interest and your paragraph to either Phillip Motley ( or Nancy Chick ( by Friday, March 15.



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