Call for Papers: Special Issue of CJSoTL

SoTL through the Lenses of the Arts and Humanities


As the community of SoTL scholars has grown across Canada and around the world, however, there has been a growing sense that SoTL work has been dominated by the epistemologies, philosophies, and research methods of the social sciences, a view that has been supported by SoTL journal editors and resources dedicated to introducing faculty to SoTL (Gurung and Schwartz, 2009; Jarvis and Creasey, 2009; McKinney and Chick, 2010; Chick, 2012). To quote Nancy Chick (2012) in a recent book on the current state of SoTL in the disciplines, “while many well-known SoTL leaders come from humanities backgrounds …, the on-the-ground work largely marginalizes the practices of their disciplines.”

The question then follows: “How does the apparent under-representation of (arts and) humanities-based disciplines affect expectations for SoTL, from norms for research design and methodology to the genre and style of its products?” (McKinney and Chick, 2010).

This special issue of The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning seeks to explore this question, and also to provide examples of SoTL work that uses the genres, approaches, research designs, theoretical and epistemological frameworks, and methodologies of the arts and humanities to explore key topics in teaching and learning.

For the complete call for submissions, please click – Special Issue Call for Submissions (

For more information, please contact the co-editors of the special issue – Brad Wuetherick ( or Michael Potter (


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