Invitation to submit a proposal to

Dear ISSOTL Humanities Interest Group Members,

We are writing to invite you to consider submitting a proposal to The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning book series published by Indiana University Press.

The series showcases new inquiry into the relationship between teaching and learning in post-secondary education. Drawing on disciplinary approaches, scholars from the humanities, social and natural sciences, and professions share theoretical frameworks and investigative outcomes while situating their work within broader contexts that transcend disciplinary boundaries. This series aims to support a transformative agenda for higher education by advancing understanding of what matters in student-centered learning and catalyzing innovation and improvement in teaching. To date, the books published in the series include:

  • Connected Science:  Strategies for Integrative Learning in College, edited by Tricia A. Ferrett, David R. Geelan, Whitney M. Schlegel, and Joanne L. Stewart
  • Teaching Environmental Literacy:  Across Campus and Across the Curriculum, edited by Heather L. Reynolds, Eduardo S. Brondízio, and Jennifer Meta Robinson

If you have ideas for a SOTL book that you would like to write or read, or if you have heard about a project that we should know about, we want to talk!  Please contact any of the series editors at the addresses below, or speak with us at the ISSOTL conference. We would love to hear your thoughts at any stage in their development.


Jennifer Robinson           Mary Huber                                            Pat Hutchings                                          Whitney Schlegel          




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