Annotated Bibliography

books2During an ISSOTL11 roundtable in Milwaukee (the day after the HU IG meeting), a few Interest Group members agreed to create a bibliography of models of SoTL work in the humanities.*  roundtable

*  This conversation predated our transition to an Arts & Humanities IG, and those of us at the table were humanists.

At ISSOTL12, they presented this work.  panel2

We’d very much like this to be a collaborative project of the broader Interest Group, especially as the IG now explicitly encompasses both the Arts & Humanities, so please add to the bibliography. Include the following in your entry:

  • a citation for an article or book (with a link to the full text, if possible), 
  • a brief annotation describing the text and explaining why you recommend that piece as a model of humanities- or art-based SoTL.  

View our annotated bibliography.
(IG members are encouraged to add to it.  Request editing access in the “Contact the IG Chair” form to the right.)

(Also see “Humanities & SoTL: 2 Bibliographies,” a blog post with an additional bibliography, by Interest Group Chair Nancy Chick.)

Characteristics & Choices in SoTL from the Arts & Humanities

At our annual meeting at ISSOTL18 in Bergen, Norway (Oct 27), we brainstormed some characteristics of SoTL that would feel authentic or welcoming to artists and humanists.  See the list here.



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