Annotated Bibliography

books2During an ISSOTL11 roundtable in Milwaukee (the day after the HU IG meeting), a few Interest Group members agreed to create a bibliography of models of SoTL work in the humanities.*  roundtable

*  This conversation predated our transition to an Arts & Humanities IG, and those of us at the table were humanists.

At ISSOTL12, they presented this work.  panel2

We’d very much like this to be a collaborative project of the broader Interest Group, especially as the IG now explicitly encompasses both the Arts & Humanities, so please add to the bibliography. Include the following in your entry:

  • a citation for an article or book (with a link to the full text, if possible), 
  • a brief annotation describing the text and explaining why you recommend that piece as a model of humanities- or art-based SoTL.  

View our annotated bibliography.
(IG members may also edit it.)

(Also see “Humanities & SoTL: 2 Bibliographies,” a blog post with an additional bibliography, by Interest Group Chair Nancy Chick.)


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